Gaston is the primary antagonist of The Grand Adventure 2. He served as the mastermind behind Harasta's schemes. 

Gaston served as the nemisis to Tom and Jerry. He plotted to hunt Sharpears down and get rich. He also planned to put Scooby Doo and his friends in danger. Gaston wanted to capture Jerry and sell him to NIMH. But in a mighty battle - Tom stopped Gaston and fight back with him. Gaston was defeated when he fell off a cliff to his death.


  • Character animation supervised by Andreas Deja.
  • Gaston was friends with the evil Prince Charming and his countless villainery.
  • Gaston secretly works for Ratigan. Because His goal is to capture Jerry and sell him to NIMH.
  • Gaston reappeared on Fantasia in the 100 Acre Wood: The Series as a recurring character. His goal is to try and win Belle's heart and steal her from Beast.

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