Hidden Chronicles is a spin off to The 100 Acre Wood series.

After Snaptrap Kills Gumball's Family & Friends, Gumball Punches Snaptrap to Death 20 years Gumball has turn into Dark Gumball and Joining the Dark Side with Ahuizoti. Durring Dark Gumball and Chowder's Duel Chowder Finds Out That Dark Gumball is Chowder's Father and the Final showdown Dark Gumball saves Chowder From Ahuizotl's Lighting Powers and Over Throw Him. Chowder Unmasked Dark Gumball and Oppogize's to his Son but Dark Gumball was injerd, Chowder Heals his Father and thook him out to the dark star bebore it exlopes after Gumball has return from the dark side Dudley & Kitty Thank Gumball for Saving Chowder and They promised to adopted him.

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