Shadowborg and Mantrons

Shadowborg and his team the Mantrons

The Mantrons (Japanese: 闇鎧将ビークラッシャー, Yami Gaishō Bī Kurasshā, "Darkness Generals B-Crushers") are Shadowborg's minions and evil counterparts of the Astralborgs.


  • Scorpix (Japanese: ビークラッシャーデスコーピオン, Bī Kurasshā Desukōpion, "B-Crusher Descorpion") is the big bad of the Mantrons and the dragon or right-hand of Shadowborg's team. He's also known as the Deadly Poison Armored General (猛毒鎧将, Mōdoku Gaishō).
  • Hornix (Japanese: ビークラッシャービーザック, Bī Kurasshā Bīzakku, "B-Crusher Beezack") is the evil genius of Shadowborg's team. He's also known as the Mirage Armored General (変幻鎧将, Hengen Gaishō).
  • Centipix (Japanese: ビークラッシャームカデリンガー, Bī Kurasshā Mukaderingā, "B-Crusher Mukadelinger") is the brute of Shadowborg's team. He's also known as the Cold-Blooded Armored General (冷血鎧将, Reiketsu Gaishō).
  • Mantix (Japanese: ビークラッシャーキルマンティス, Bī Kurasshā Kirumantisu, "B-Crusher Killmantis") is the dark chick of Shadowborg's team. She's also known as the Demon Blade Armored General (魔剣鎧将, Maken Gaishō).


  • They are voiced by Beau Billingslea (Scorpix), Scott Menville (Hornix), Kirk Thornton (Centipix), and Susan Sheridan (Mantix).
  • Character animation supervised by Shinichi Suzuki and Hisashi Wada.
  • Their live-action references are provided by their suit actors Hirofumi Fukuzawa (Scorpix), Yasuhiro Takeuchi (Hornix), Yoshifumi Oshikawa (Cantipix), and Yuichi Hachisuka (Mantix)

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