Bambi x forest spirit by selenewerwolf-d37wfb3
Spring Sprite
Background information
Feature films
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Animators Anthony DeRosa
Rebecca Wilson Breese
Sandro Cleuzo
James Young Jackson
Cory Loftis
Joe Oh
Tony Smeed
David Zaboski
Voice Helena Bonham Carter
Performance model Sherri Stoner
Designer Paul and Gaetan Brizzi
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Race Nymph, Dryad, Naiad
Personality Sweet, kind, loving, superstitious
Appearance Green body, long green hair, yellow eyes, slender, beautiful nature spirit
Affiliations Good
Allies Bambi, Faline, Thumper, Flower
Enemies Phoenix, Headless Horseman
Powers and abilities Magic to grow plants and bring life, flight

The Spring Sprite is a legendary green female spirit who can make everything grow in the forest. She appeared in Fantasia in the 100 Acre Wood 2.

In the form of a Naiad, she merges from the pool to meet Bambi and he leads her out of the hidden alcove and she gets to work, transforming into a Dryad, her body turning green and melting the snow away for the coming of the Spring season, covering the forest in fresh foliage. Going up a nearby mountain though, her abilities aren't following her up the slope. Curious as to what's going on, she looks inside the massive crater of the mountain at a small volcanic stone. Touching the stone, it awakens the Firebird, who rises from the ash, smoke and magma to attack the Sprite and destroy the forest. Running for dear life from the flames and lava flows, the Firebird eventually chases her up a tree where the monster rises up for one final attack. Cutting to the aftermath where the landscape has turned grey and ash-covered, Bambi finds a burnt out and grey Sprite, in Ash Nymph form. Bambi helps her up and gives her a ride on his head as the Sprite cries from the destruction she unleashed. Soon she realizes her tears are healing the land and takes back to the sky in a Naiad form, bringing a healing shower down upon the valley. Continuing her work, she bring the plant life back to the forest, restoring the trees and finally covering the volcano in a fresh layer of grass, her confidence fully restored.



  • She is voiced by Helena Bonham Carter
  • Character animation supervised by Anthony DeRosa
  • Her live-action reference is provided by Sherri Stoner

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