Grimhilde as The Witch

The Wicked Queen (possibly known as Queen Grimhilde) is Snow White's stepmother. She plotted to send her stepdaughter into the Sleeping Death and become the fairest in the land. She is also a friend of Bowser and Prince Charming's.

In Fantasia in the Hundred Acre Wood: The Series, The Queen appeared as the recurring enemy. She turned herself into a Witch and plotted to capture Pooh Bear and sell him to Bowser. But Rita the Fox came to Pooh's rescue. Thanks to the Tomte. He and his buddies The Seven Dwarfs found the Witch (while she was reminding Snow White that she could be revived only by her true love Prince Frederick) and chased her up a cliff and fought with her. In the struggle, The Witch tried to kill the dwarfs with a boulder. But She lost her balance and fell off the cliff as the boulder tumbled on top of her crushing her. Pooh was safe.