Toontown Plot is a two part episode from Fantasia in the 100 Acre Wood: The Series.

Part 1Edit

Bowser came to the hundred acre wood. This time - He followed Pooh Bear and Rita the Fox in hot pursuit. With help from Mario and Luigi - Pooh and Rita fought off the koopa warriors who are sent by Bowser to pick a fight with them. After Mario defeated Bowser - The koopa king fled with his warriors. But when Pooh and Rita decided to head back to Pooh's house - a mob of animals from Toontownbecame exciting about capturing Pooh for a million dollar reward. They chased Pooh and Rita to Pooh's house.

Part 2Edit

Although Pooh and Rita are safe inside the house - they found Jeremy the Crow and Jiminy Cricket who are also hiding from The Mob. Because Jeremy had dressed up as The Great Owl and got screwed up. That caused The Mob to chase him and Jiminy for tricking them. Gopher came as he digged a hole through Pooh's house and helped the gang escaped. The Mob saw what happened. Enraged - they chased the gang all the way to a mountain. The Mob saw Rita at the edge of the mountain and believed that She is responsible for rescuing Pooh. But as they step closer to finish off Rita - Gopher knocked some rocks down with his pickaxe causing them to roll away. The rocks chased The Mob away - never to be seen again. Pooh Bear and the gang celebrated their victory. They were very happy. Except for Rita. She was afraid The Mob will hurt her for saving Pooh. That rainy morning - Rita gazed at her reflection in the lake and starts crying in despair as she sings about giving herself good advice. When the sun came out from the clouds and the rain stopped - Pooh came along and sat beside Rita. He gave her one of the flowers. Rita became happier again as She and Pooh watched the mountains.

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